Opening IBFX Debit Card

Opening IBFX Debit Card

*Note: These are subject to change. Please check the fees and pricing page when applying for the card.
**A standard shipping fee of $45 will apply for Non U.S. cards.

Procedure Applying IBFX Debit Card (Payoner)

1. Open your trading cabinet
1. Buka trading kabinet anda di laman web

2. Select ADD BANK
2. Pilih ADD BANK

3. Select Bank type GLOBAL DEBIT CARD
3. Pilih bank type GLOBAL DEBIT CARD

4. After select bank type, choose your address whether to follow PHYSICAL ADDRESS (stated in your trading account address) or you want the card to be sent in others address (select MAILING ADDRESS)
4. Selepas memilih jenis bank, pilih alamat untuk debit kad anda di pos. JIKA anda masih kekal dan masih tinggal di alamat lama (alamat yang digunakan ketika mula-mula mendaftar trading akaun IBFX) anda boleh memilih PHYSICAL ADDRESS. JIKA anda telah bertukar alamat atau berpindah, masukkan alamat baru anda (pilih MAILING ADDRESS) untuk proses penghantaran kad debit anda

5. Select continue, your carb will be shipped to your stated address
5. Tekan 'continue', dan kad debit anda akan dipos ke alamat yang telah anda masukkan

6. After receiving your card, you will have your DEBIT CARD PAYONER accounts and password together with the letter receive, login your account and money transfer can be made.
6. Selepas menerima kad debit anda, didalamnya terdapat surat nombor akaun dan juga password 'default' akaun debit kad payoner anda (anda boleh menukar password setelah login kali pertama). Login akaun payoner anda dan pemindahan wang boleh dilakukan. (termasuklah pembayaran pos debit kad anda)

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