Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New From IBFX - Trades Gold & Silver

IBFX Australia is now offering gold & silver - available on your current live account!

Many are turning to gold and silver as a means to diversify their portfolios. These metals are popular for being forms of money with intrinsic value. Gold and silver are classified as currencies by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and gold and silver are traded relative to a currency pair. Their symbols, XAU for gold and XAG for silver, are derived from their abbreviations on the periodic table of chemical elements: “X” standing for “exchange”, and the succeeding two letters, AU and AG, are their abbreviations from the periodic table.
XAU/USD - Gold / US Dollar 1 Standard lot 10 oz 1 pip = $0.10 US dollars
1 Mini lot 1 oz 1 pip = $0.01 US dollars
XAG/USD - Silver / US Dollar 1 Standard lot 500 oz 1 pip = $5.00 US dollars
1 Mini lot 50 oz 1 pip = $0.50 US dollars


  1. Hi,
    Can you confirm the Standard lot for Gold?
    10oz or 100oz?
    1 pip = $0.10 US dollars or $1.00 US dollars?

  2. Hello Anonymous...

    Standard lot for gold

    1 standard lot = 10 oz

    the smallest pip value for standard lot
    1 pip = ten cents or $0.10 US Dolars


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