Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Withdrawal Procedure from your IBFX Account

Withdrawal Procedure

In order to place your withdrawal, there are some procedure need to be follow.
1. Firstly login to your traders cabinet in IBFX main website, then select withdrawal
2. Fill up the form in the web as shown in the figure 1 below
3. Then click submit

Figure 1 : Screen shot from traders cabinet for withdrawal purpose

4. After applying through your traders cabinet, there will be a form generated after you submit through your trader cabinet. You need to print out the withdrawal form and sign. The form need to be scan again and send it to . The form as in figure 2 below

Figure 2: The form generated from trader cabinet

 Malay Version

withdraw kena melalui trader cabinet masing-masing dalam website IBFX seperti didalam gambar rajah 1 diatas, di situ ada link withdraw. Isi borang tersebut, selepas form itu diisi, terdapat satu borang seperti gambarajah 2 diatas akan dikeluarkan. Print out borang seperti gambarajah 2 diatas dan letakkan tandatangan anda apabila butir-butir yang ada dalam borang tersebut adalah tepat (jika tidak tepat, ulangi semula langkah 1 diatas dimana isi semula borang di trader cabinet di website IBFX. Bila borang tersebut telah sempurna butir-butir maklumat dan telah ditandatangan, scan borang gambarajah 2 tersebut dan email kembali ke

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