Monday, January 10, 2011

How to deposit using Credit/Debit Card

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Beside using Wire Transfer to deposit fund to your IBFX account, you can also use Credit/Debit Card for the same purpose. 

Before using the card, please notice that the card need to have your name printed on the card and also your signature is well seen. For Malaysian citizen Maybank cheery card cannot be used because of no printed name on the card, but for Debit card from Public Bank it can be used as it has well printed our name above the card.

The picture above tell us the procedure to used Credit/Debit card for deposit purpose.

(Malay Version)

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selain dari menggunakan wire transfer, anda juga boleh menggunakan Credit/Debit card untuk deposit kedalam akaun anda.

Pastikan jika anda menggunakan Debit Kad, kad tersebut mempunyai nama anda printed diatas kad, jika tiada maka kad tersebut tidak boleh digunakan , contoh : kad cheery maybank tak boleh digunakan, kad public bank boleh digunakan.


  1. is it possible to deposit from a credit or debit card in your name but the billing address is in a different country?

    What if the billing address is in the United States.

  2. Yes you can deposit using your debit/credit card in the different country.

    For example we are in Malaysia, we can deposit using our credit/debit card in our country to IBFX account in Australia..

  3. may i know more details how to use debit card for deposit fund. tq

  4. you can either use internet banking or manually go to bank....if you go to bank, fill in the form from the bank's counter....

    if you are using internet banking, go to your personal account cabinet in the ibfx web and select deposit using debit card...ensure that your local bank/your debit card's bank have already approved international transaction...

  5. salam, mcm mana nak depo guna debit kad, sebab kat ruangan deposit.. ada kredit kad, bank wire, neteller n EFT - Electronic Fund Transfer

    1. depo menggunakan debit kad adalah sama kaedahnyer dengan kad kredit....

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  7. kalau macam itu kena buka acc debit public bank lah nie...? baru dapat deposit acc nie...

  8. boleh deposit guna alrajhi bank tak...?

    1. jika menggunakan wire transfer....boleh tuan...

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