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Quantum Traderz are official Introducing Advisor for IBFX Autralia

Advantages opening an account with my group:

Rebet up to 50% (Required approval from client before rebet can takes place)

To Register IBFX Aus, Click HERE

About IBFX

IBFX, a division of TradeStation Forex Inc., is a worldwide provider of retail forex trading services, offering individual traders, fund managers and institutional customers proprietary technology and tools to trade forex online. We distinguish ourselves among industry leaders with our unique multi-bank liquidity feed, while our pioneering trade execution rates support the rising algorithmic, high frequency trend.

Developing world-class forex execution is our drive; our focus; our passion. By openly sharing our execution metrics, spreads and more with traders—we let our actions speak louder than our words.

Advantages of trading with IBFX AU:

FLEXIBLE contract sizes : Flexible contract sizes is something that can benefit traders with large or small accounts. We created a system that allows traders to execute trades in increments of 0.01 lots. This can bring a few benefits: 1. Trade a new strategy by trading pennies (As low as 1 Cent in mini accounts, 10 Cents in standard accounts). 2. Transition from a demo to live account by trading pennies

SYARIAH compliant accounts: Swap-free accounts for our muslim clients are permitted on a case by case basis. ( Require approval from the client before account can be change to No-Swap Account)

LEVERAGE up to 1:400: We offer high leverage based on deposit amounts.

HEDGING Capabilities : Trading using IBFX AU, the costumer can enjoyed full hedging capabilities when trading forex.

FULLY licensed and regulated by ASIC Australia: IBFX Australia Pty. Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, firm registration number 363972, ACN 142 210 179.

Leverage: Up to 400:1
Contract Size: 10,000
Trade Size: 0.01~50.00 lots
Margin Requirement: $25 per 1 lot trade
Pip value: This depends on currency pair. Please visit:
Pip Calculator

Leverage: Up to 400:1
Contract Size: 100,000
Trade Size: 0.01~50.00 lots
Margin Requirement: $250 per 1 lot trade
Pip value: This depends on currency pair. Please visit:
Pip Calculator
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