Friday, October 28, 2011

MT4 Performing system maintenance

To help enhance system efficiency, IBFX AU will be performing system maintenance on your trade server this weekend, October 28-29. When trading resumes on October 30th, all closed trade profit/loss and deposits and withdrawals will be replaced by a single entry labeled as “Balance Forward”.

After this process has been completed you will be able to retrieve your trade history from the IBFX AU website.  To retrieve your transaction history please login to your online account at:

Once you have logged into the website you will be looking at the My Trading Account section.  Select the History tab below the account number field.  In the Trade History Window, below the History tab, look in the Status column and select the “See All Transactions” hyperlink.  On the Transaction History page select your account number in the trade account field, set your date range, and in the Search Results field select the Export to CSV option.  This will create a spread sheet file that will be viewable in Windows Excel, and can be saved to your computer for your records.  Then select the Submit button.  If you would like to simply view your Transaction History on the webpage, in the Search Results field select the “Standard” option, and select Submit.  Your Transaction History will appear below the Submit button.

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